How Do QuietCool Fans Work?

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10 TIMES LESS ENERGY use than air conditioners!

SAVE 50-90% of your A/C cost!

It Cools. It Ventilates. It Exhausts.

Whole house fans work for you!  They are a great and cost effective way to provide NATURAL COOLING for your home.  But how does it work?  A whole house fan is used instead of running your air conditioner throughout the evening, when you don’t need it, thus providing substantial energy savings.  The purpose of the Whole House Fan is to accelerate the natural cooling effect of bringing cooler air from outside into the house via open windows and then flushing the heat out of your living and attic space.

By cooling surface temperatures, the Whole House Fan provides an added comfort that conventional central air conditioners do not provide.  This process naturally cools and ventilates your home, which dilutes indoor air pollutants, allergens, odors & excess moisture.
Traditional whole house fans have been around for decades and although they are effective in reducing a home’s air conditioning usage, they are extremely loud when in use. The QuietCool System is a “New Generation Product,” based on a proven method of whole-house cooling that has been around for years. It is the most versatile cooling and ventilating system on the market today!

The QuietCool fans are a multi-fan and multi-location system that moves large amounts of air per fan. A typical system would be to install one of our higher volume CFM fans in your hallway and a lower CFM fans in each occupied bedroom.

Calculate the CFM for your Home

To calculate the total CFM and number of fans you’ll need to purchase, simply multiply the square footage of your home by 2 or 3.  Based on our experience multiplying by 2 may give you a low estimate.  Here is the method that we will use for your home:

One Story Home

Square Footage x 3 = Total CFM

ex: 1,500 sqft x 3 = 4,500 Total CFM

Two Story Home

Square Footage x 2.5 = Total CFM

ex: 3,000 sqft x 2.5 = 7,500 Total CFM

Finding the proper amount of CFM is important because insufficient air flow will not give the desired outcome.  A minimum of ten air exchanges per hour is recommended by the Home Ventilation Institute.  Also, insufficient CFM may not produce an adequate breeze, which will quickly cool your home, attic and body temperature.


Whole house fans work more effectively in dry, arid climates like Southern California & Nevada and can save a homeowner up to 90% off of their air conditioning bill!  More info here. Whole house fans are a great way to increase a home’s market value.  QuietCool provides an energy-efficient cooling option, creates a healthier home by getting rid of air pollutants and giving you a quick ROI (typically within 12 months).

The truth is, electricity prices are going up even higher! A large central A/C can consume over 5,000 watts per hour! Considering the high cost of electricity makes installing a QuietCool whole house system a smart decision. By slashing your A/C usage, the money you spent on installing your QuietCool Fans, can be recovered in a very short period of time. This huge savings will ultimately put money back in your pockets instead of the utility companies.

Whole House Fans Cool & Save Energy

QuietCool Fans can cut your AC cost 75%-90% – Our whole house fans draw cooler outside air in through your open windows which lowers the room temperature by as much as 10 to 20 degrees. Your open windows serve as intake vents, which allow you to control the air flow by selecting how many or which windows you open. Moving air, blowing through the whole house cools the occupant, click here for Operating Instructions.

The cooling breeze can lower the skin temperature by 5 to 10 degrees F. The fresh, cooler air, after passing through the living space, is forced into the existing attic which pushes the hot attic air out through the attic vents.

This can lower the attic air temperature by as much as 40 degrees F.

QuietCool fans have a built in damper system to seal the fan opening from the attic during cool months – QuietCool fans are 100% made in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty from QC Manufacturing Inc. Additionally, the whole house fan system provides many LEED points through the USGBC, the leading authority in Green Building. There are no belts or motorized doors to wear out. The QuietCool motors have lifetime lubrication and are maintenance free! View our Service Areas.